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Custom Brew Gear And Equipment

You focus on brewing, we provide you the best equipment to get the job done!


Brew With Flair & Unique Texture

Brewing is both an Art and a Science!  🍻

To craft that perfect pint, you need more than just ingredients – you need gear engineered for your exact brewing needs.

Here at 3RockBrew, we offer a expert curated catalog of custom brew gear and equipment. From kettles, to fermenter to kegs, to valves and mash tuns, to chillers and beyond.


Take the hassle out of your brewing operations by brewing the perfect batch every time with equipment that’s engineered for quality, precision and scalability!

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Elevate Your Brew With Custom Gear

At 3RockBrew, we understand that no two brewing operations are exactly alike. Every brewery and home brewing setup has its own unique needs and goals. That’s why we offer a wide selection of completely customizable brewing hardware to help you craft your perfect brew.

Brewing Your Way…


With over 10 years of combined experience serving commercial breweries and passionate home brewers, we are driven by ❣️ for brewing and commitment to help your vision become reality through purpose-built brewing gear.


Don’t settle for generic brewing gear. Get a quality brew system built for optimal efficiency and productivity.



Real Reviews From Professional Brewers

We enjoy the art and science of brewing, and do it with limitless passion. See what they have to say about us…


So far I’m very impressed with the quality of equiment from 3Rock. I’ve only done one batch so far, but I had a fair amount of trub from coriander and orange peel and it did a good job of filtering out all of the large particles. Works way better than other systems I’ve tried.

Darren Smith

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I have been getting about 69-79% efficiency on my tank so far. That only works out to about 2 lbs (1 kg) extra grain for an average 10 gallon (38 l) batch (versus a 70% system). Great brew gear from 3Rock!

Kenny Mason

brewing gear reviews

I’ve been extract brewing for a long time and want to switch to all grain. Your set-up is the best for me so far.

David Lehrfield


Our experience has been nothing short of exceptional with 3Rock Brew. We cannot wait to visit Craig and the team again for the next event. Please let us know when you will re-open.

Henrik L.

3rock brew testimonials

Thank you for everything! gear got delivered in 6 days, and fitment is perfect for my fermenter. Though it might be a little off but surprisingly fits just right.

Eric D.