BrewPro Alcohol Distiller Kit

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BrewPro Alcohol Distiller Kit


Introducing The BrewPro Stainless Steel Alcohol Distiller Kit


Searching for a high-quality alcohol distiller kit to start distilling your own spirits at home?

Look no further than our commercial-grade alcohol distiller.

Perfect for whiskey, vodka, rum and more, this complete kit equips home distillers with everything needed to craft pure, great-tasting spirits like the pros.


While designed for convenient home use, our stainless steel alcohol distiller kit leverages the same technologies used in professional distilling operations.

The boiler and column still are crafted from food-grade 304 stainless steel – the premier choice of commercial distillers for its purity, durability, and ease of cleaning. The copper mesh packing inside the column provides maximum reflux during distillation for purer heart cutting and robust, well-balanced flavors.


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The BrewPro still kit takes the guesswork out of distilling by including a digital thermometer and alcoholmeter for monitoring fermentation and accurately assessing alcohol proof.

The end result? Straight-from-the-still spirits without harsh contaminants or unpleasant fusel oils. You’ll taste the difference in your first batch.


Ultimate Distill Control and Customization

Not only does our alcohol distiller deliver commercial-grade results, but it also provides unmatched control over the distilling process.

The included 2000W heating element with a PID temperature controller allows you to precisely dial in the optimal temperature for different washes and spirit types;

  • Whiskey needs lower, gradual heating
  • Vodka calls for a higher temp.

Whichever way you want it, you’re in complete command.


You can also customize your spirits by experimenting with different fermentation recipes, yeasts, and the included flavor essence vials. Our distiller truly unlocks your creativity and flair for the distilling craft.



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Safe and Easy to Use Distiller Kit

Safety comes first when operating a home distillery. This is why the BrewPro alcohol distiller kit is designed for safe, efficient use:

  • The cool-touch exterior remains safe to handle throughout the distilling process.
  • Clear-sight glass lets you visually monitor fermentation.
  • A sealed, vented boiler lid prevents dangerous methanol buildup.
  • Includes cleaning brushes and safe electricity connectors.


In addition, we provide a simple instructions manual covering everything from fermenting washes to operating the still and flavoring your distillate.


Unlocks a new world of possibilities for home distilling. Take your craft spirits game to the next level with purer,
better-tasting distillates that rival what the best distilleries produce.


Weight4.8 kg
Dimensions30 × 30 × 65 cm


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