Commercial BrewPro Conical Beer Fermenter

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connical beer fermenter
Commercial BrewPro Conical Beer Fermenter


Introducing the BrewPro Conical Beer Fermenter


Homebrewers and craft brewers alike know that proper fermentation is essential for producing high-quality beer and lager.


Our BrewPro stainless steel conical beer fermenters are purpose-built and engineered to provide ideal conditions for active fermentation and optimal beer separation.


Engineered for Optimal Beer Fermentation

The advanced BrewPro Stainless steel fermentation tank series takes advantage of its cone-shaped design to enhance your brewing process.


The cylindrical upper portion of the fermenter provides ample headspace for active fermentation, while the smooth interior limits nucleation sites where CO2 bubbles can accumulate, reducing overall foaming.

Its conical bottom allows the yeast and other sediment to settle out of the fermenting beer into a collection ball valve or “dump valve” at the apex of the cone. This natural separation of clear beer from the trub produces a remarkably higher-quality end product.


conical beer fermenter tank


By separating the yeast after primary fermentation, the beer can then be transferred to a secondary vessel for clarifying, conditioning, and carbonating. This fermentation method reduces yeast-derived off-flavors and allows better control over your final beer characteristics.


BrewPro Series Conical Fermenter Specs


Stainless steel Conical beer fermenter tank
1. Volume capacity from 1000L – 30,000L
2. Material used 304 sanitary stainless steel.
3. Three-layer structure: Inner body, glycol jacketed, and isolation. The isolation layer is filled with insulation material.
4. Inner wall fineness less than 0.6um, outside finish mirror polishing
5. Conical bottom shape, cooling jacket could adopt dimple jacket, arched and corrugated access jacket.
6. All pipes are all ISO or DIN sanitary pipes
7. PLC control system, for automatic, and semi-automatic control
– Manhole
– Aseptic breather
– Thermometer
– CIP Spray ball 
– Bacterial access port 
– Agitator
– Adjustable leg
– Jacket(Dimple or full jacketed)


The BrewPro commercial-grade steel conical fermenters deliver efficient, high-quality beer fermentation. Engineered for large-scale production, its conical shape, dedicated collection ball valve, and tri-clamp connections make transferring fermented beer simple and hassle-free.



Say goodbye to makeshift fermenters, and upgrade to a stainless steel conical fermenter
that is engineered to create the ideal environment for brewing your best beers.


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Beer Fermentation Tank


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