BrewPro Tri Clamp Spunding Valve For Sale

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bunging spunding valve for sale
BrewPro Tri Clamp Spunding Valve For Sale


Elevate Your Brew With A Professional Spunding Valve


Homebrewers and professionals alike know that controlling fermentation is key to crafting the perfect pint.

If you are looking to enhance your commercial or home brewing operation with ideal carbonation and hop aromas, a spunding valve is an essential piece of gear.


Our Tri Clamp spunding valve for sale with an integrated pressure gauge gives you precision control over the natural carbonation process, reducing the need for forced CO2 while protecting your brew’s delicate flavors and aromas for a clearer, purer flavor in every batch.


Why You Need the BrewPro Valve

A spunding or bunging valve is a device used in brewing beer that allows CO2 to escape from the fermentation vessel while preventing outside air from entering. It helps control the carbonation level and lets fermentation gases escape without losing the hop aroma of your brew.


spunding bunging valve


Our BrewPro spunding valve for sale is installed on your fermenter and lets built-up CO2 escape during active fermentation. As yeast ferments sugar into alcohol, pressure rises inside the fermenter.

The valve releases the excess CO2 when it hits a preset level, usually 10 – 15 PSI. This allows the beer to absorb natural carbonation from the fermentation itself, preserving the delicate hop aromas that give your IPAs, pale ales, and beer their irresistible nose.


    • With our commercial-grade spunding valve, you can make true-to-style German quality Hefeweizens and other beers with active fermentation in the package. The valve lets you ferment right in the bottle or can, reducing off-flavors from oxygen exposure.
    • Naturally, carbonate your beer to precise levels without forced CO2. Our PrewPro valve gives you total control over the carbonation process for consistent, premium results in every brew.
    • This helps you save some money, increase head retention, speed up time to end-product, and minimize carbon footprint, all while increasing hop and malt aromas.


304 Stainless steel, 316L
DN15 ~ DN50
Control pressure range  
0.5 ~ 6 bar
tri-clamp, welding, threaded, flange
regulating pressure
0.2 ~ 2 bar
1.5″ tri-clamp connection
Brewery, pharmacy, food, dairy



This professional-grade spunding valve is built to last through countless brew batches while giving you the ability to dial in the exact carbonation profile you want.
Order yours today and take your IPAs, stouts, sours, and beer to the next level.



Stainless steel


0.2- 2.2bar

11 reviews for BrewPro Tri Clamp Spunding Valve For Sale

  1. Barry C.

    Very solid and fits right into my setup. Delivery took about 7 days. Which is longer than i expected

  2. Eric B.

    Great spunding valve with guauge. I use a ball lock connector on mine wit duo tight fittings. Very easy to take apart and clean.

  3. Bryan Covington Jr.

    I love this tri-clamp. Control is excellent.

  4. Hans Hoffmeister

    I just got into pressure fermenting and it feels awesome. This Spunding valve does exactly what we want on our commercial fermentation tanks.

    The only thing that you have to watch out for is after taking it apart for cleaning, the flow direction makes it hard to see the arrow on the valve.

  5. Adrian Ramirez

    Awesome piece for control under pressure. Delivery to me in Scotland took about 7 days!

  6. Ben Fletcher

    This valve is well worth the money. I use it for several different task is my set-up and it has been very reliable and consistent so far.

    Thanks Parker! Will come by the shop again when next in the city.

  7. Aaron Hurlington

    Great spunder to hold consistency and temperature control for fermentation under pressure. I love it!

  8. Darren Galloway S.

    Good valve and very easy to operate. Delivered in 5 days!

  9. Michael St. James

    Great custom product. Way more compact and reliable than similar looking ones I have bough off amazon.

    Very impressed with this one!

  10. Carrington A.

    Great gear from 3Rock as usuat. By far the most compact spunding valve I have used on our fermenters. Sleek design, works like a charm.

  11. Anthony Madallo

    Great piece. Very reliable temperature control over all my batches since I got it.

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